Luxury Holidays that Support Sustainable Tourism

Luxury Holidays that Support Sustainable Tourism

Luxury Holidays have evolved. In the highly cosmopolitan cities we live and work in, many now desire holidays that give more time to recharge, focus upon health and wellbeing or preserve the environment.

If your focus for 2020 is to be more environmentally friendly, set off to a sustainable tourism destination. To appreciate unique wildlife, wander through an unspoiled destination rarely spoken about. Or to simply unplug from all of life’s distractions, explore an uninhabited island.

Whatever your objectives for 2020, we have provided a selection of luxury holiday destinations that you may not have considered before…

Luxury holidays in Vietnam

Book a luxury escape to Vietnam, around the Côn Đảo Islands

The Côn Đảo are a handful of 15 islands, off the southeast coast of Vietnam. Although Côn Đảo was a prison during the French colonial era, this archipelago is now a protected National Marine Park. When island hopping, you can experience the park’s natural beauty. Walk through forested hills, along sparse sandy beaches and go diving to view colourful coral reefs.

What can I experience during a luxury Vietnam holiday?

  • The sound of the waves, while you relax at Six Senses Côn Đảo Resort and Spa
  • The wind in your hair, for thrillseekers who want to explore the islands via motorbike
  • The sights of rare endemic species, as you hike along the So Ray plantation tracks
  • The taste of contemporary and authentic Vietnamese cuisine

If you’re feeling spontaneous give the following water sports a try:

  • Kayaking in the Gulf of Thailand*
  • Paddleboarding – a challenging but relaxed way of enjoying the waters*
  • Body Boarding in the gorgeous warm waters
  • Diving with experienced instructors

*Providing you participate within sight of land at all times

Each of these activities will be automatically covered under Travel Plus, so you can enjoy these activities and more with peace of mind.

The best time to holiday in Vietnam is December – February. However, if you have your heart set on an island-hopping holiday in the summer months, drift around Polynesia between June and August – you could even stay in one of Bora Bora’s luxury hotels.

Venture to Malawi for a Safari

In contrast to The Polynesian Kingdom and the Côn Đảo islands, Malawi is a landlocked country in East Africa. Despite this, Malawi’s terrain is home to Malawi Lake, which covers one-third of the country. As an untouched destination and premium holiday location, a holiday in Malawi would not be complete without some relaxation time at the Lake Malawi Resort.

What do Lake Malawi holiday packages include?

  • The sounds of African Fish Eagles, throughout the mountainous landscape
  • Friendly locals, who will be delighted to welcome you
  • A scuba dive, kayak or sailing trip, from the lake’s sandy shores
  • The taste of rare fish, such as Chambo and Kapenta

Malawi is also home to ‘The Little Five’. So book a crowd-free, Malawi Safari holiday to seek out Elephant Shrews, Buffalo Weavers, Leopard Tortoises, an Ant Lion or Rhino Beetle, which all inhabit the trees, soil and undergrowth. To capture the perfect photo of each, be sure to take your camera and opt for our Premier or Premier Plus level of cover. That way, gadget cover is sorted – a must if you love photography.

However, if your thirst for photography includes capturing creatures of a cooler climate, you could head to the otherworldly surroundings of Greenland…

luxury holidays in Greenland


A luxury holiday in Greenland

Greenland might be the world’s largest island but 80% of it is covered by an ice cap of 4km thick in places. However, this does not deter its 57,000 population and visitors from enjoying the Northern Lights.

For a chance to see the lights for yourself, trips to Greenland from the UK can be taken via air travel or you can fly to Iceland and set sail for a 14-day cruise, departing from Reykjavik. For this option, our dedicated cruise cover is automatically included on Annual Multi-trip Premier and Premier Plus.

What do Greenland luxury holiday packages include?

  • A Greenland escorted walking tour of the arctic landscape
  • Boat rides to see monumental icebergs up close
  • The chance to spot majestic humpback whales from the air or on a cruise
  • Excursions around the peaceful settlements of Ilimanaq or isolated Oqaitsut
  • Helicopter rides over the awe-inspiring Arctic landscape

If you are feeling more adventurous, a dog sledging expedition could be the perfect way to immerse yourself into Greenland’s culture because dogs have played a crucial role in hunting communities for thousands of years. Plus, winter sports cover is automatically included on Annual Multi-Trip Premier Plus. The cover is also available as an option on Single trip Premier, Premier Plus and Annual Multi-Trip Premier Cover under ‘winter sports cover’.

For more winter sports activities and to view unspoiled scenic beauty spots, fly south to the Antarctic for a luxury Antarctica cruise or tour. Here, you can kayak with humpback whales after watching penguins in their natural habitat – or even dip into the freezing waters!

Just make sure:

  • Your G.P. is happy for you to do so
  • You follow safety guidelines for the activity concerned
  • You use the appropriate and recommended safety equipment

If the thought of Greenland brings you out in goosebumps, there are slightly warmer luxury holiday options in Bhutan and Belize…

Sustainable Holidays to Bhutan

Bhutan sits in the east of the Himalaya’s and is part of the Buddhist Kingdom. It is known for its magical mountains, monasteries and in 2020 it will become the first fully organic nation. For a Bhutan luxury travel package or tailor-made holiday, make sure you book well in advance through an authorised travel agent.

What do luxury Bhutan holidays include?

  • 360-degree panoramic views during a Himalaya snow-capped adventure!
  • Mountain biking or trekking in Bhutan and towards Nepal
  • Bhutan sightseeing. Visit Buddhist monasteries like Taktshang Goemba, known as The Tiger’s Nest

Due to Bhutan being quite a small country, you can explore it within five days. For a longer holiday stay in another sustainable country, like Belize…


luxury holidays in Belize

Sustainable Belize

Found along the eastern side of Central America with a Caribbean coastline, Belize is an adventurer’s paradise and home to one of the most mysterious civilizations in the world – The Ancient Maya! With a dense jungle to its west and the second largest barrier reef in the world in the east with a cluster of islands, there is plenty of cultural and environmental diversity! Belize also provides a home for 88 rare species of birds, as well as tropical fish and coral.

To support its wildlife and environment, Belize is making its mark on the sustainable traveller’s map. Book into one of the many eco-hotels, where up to 70% of the meat and produce consumed is sourced from the property’s farmland. Chain restaurants are also non-existent, to give you the opportunity to experience Belize culture.

What else can I experience at a luxury Belize resort?

  • Taste authentic Belizean coffee and cuisine – pick your own ingredients to create mouth-watering meals
  • The rush of Big Rock Falls – a hidden gem in the mountains!
  • Caving or canoeing through the jungle, while listening to enchanting bird songs
  • Walking Tours in Belize – visit ancient Maya temples along the banks of the Macal River
  • Belize adventure tours. Hike through the Pine Ridge Forest Reserve to spot beautiful birds

Also, if you are a scuba diving enthusiast, diving and Belize snorkelling resorts are a good place to stay, for a more action-packed holiday. Plunge into The Bleu Hole Natural Monument – a diver’s pilgrimage.

If active endeavours like this get you going and want to see the pinnacle of live sporting action in June 2020, the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games is one you cannot miss!

Luxury Japan holidays

Trips to Japan in 2020 will be a “holiday of a lifetime” for sports fans. To keep up with the action, visit the Tokyo 2020 official website. However, if you want to experience Japan beyond the games and support sustainable tourism, venture off the beaten track to peaceful and non-touristy locations with a remote Japan tour, to balance your visit.

What do remote Japan tours include?

  • Visits to ancient shrines like Mie Prefecture’s 125 shrines, in Ise Jingu, which are dedicated to the sun goddess Amaterasu
  • Traditional entertainment in geisha districts like Nagano, the home of Miso (fermented bean paste)
  • Sip tea in the traditional way, while learning about Japanese culture
  • Stay at an old Japanese Inn, in Koyasan surrounded by 1000m-high mountains
  • Dip into a Japanese Onsen, or hot spring bath, in Togura, before visiting Aratajo castle
  • An effortless journey on the bullet train back to Tokyo. You’ll be whisked past peaceful lakes and forests in perfect quiet and mind-boggling speeds

luxury holidays in Japan

Wherever your luxury holidays take you, to taste the treasures of a sustainable country; to hear the call of bright birds in a tropical jungle; or to walk, dive and float around an unspoilt land remember to take our travel insurance for peace of mind. All the benefits can be found here.

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