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Travel Plus is the ideal policy for individuals, couples and families. It provides wide-ranging cover giving you peace of mind and protection both before and during your holiday/trip.

You can choose from 3 levels of cover – Essential, Premier and Premier Plus.

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Why choose Travel Plus?

  • 3 levels of cover – for those looking for the highest levels of protection, Premier Plus offers high net worth cover including £10,000 for cancellation, £3,000 for baggage and £10M for emergency medical expenses.
  • Children can travel independently from the insured adults on a Premier or Premier Plus policy but children under the age of 18 years must have the permission of their parent and/or guardian and be accompanied by a responsible adult e.g. on a school trip.
  • Scheduled Airline Failure and End Supplier Failure – provides cover up to £2,500 with Premier and £2,500 with Premier Plus in the event your holiday or trip has to be cancelled due to the financial failure of your travel or accommodation provider and you are unable to recover your pre-booked travel and accommodation costs elsewhere.
  • Winter Sports cover is automatically included on Annual Multi-trip Premier and Premier Plus** (available as an option with Single Trip Premier and Premier Plus at an additional premium) – for those who enjoy skiing and snowboarding, you are covered for winter sports activities.
  • Gadget cover (included with Premier & Premier Plus) – provides cover up to £1,000 (Premier) or £1,500 (Premier Plus) for theft, accidental damage, loss, breakdown and unauthorised call/data use for your gadgets including handheld consumer electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets, iPads, kindles, satnavs, cameras, lenses, camcorders, smart watches, smart glasses, head mounted displays, hand held games consoles, portable DVD players, headphones, wireless speakers, MP3 players and iPods – but not laptop computers, purchased as new or, in the case of refurbished items, not purchased directly from the manufacturer or network provider in the UK; that is no more than 48 months old at the start date of your trip.
  • Extended Journey Disruption (included with Premier and Premier Plus) – provides cover for cancellation or additional expenses if your trip is disrupted by a natural disaster such as a volcanic eruption.
  • Travel Consumer Dispute (included with Premier and Premier Plus) – provides up to £10,000 with Premier and £50,000 with Premier Plus for professional fees to pursue a compensation claim against a tour operator, travel agent, pre-booked car hire company, travel or accommodation provider.
  • Dedicated Cruise cover (automatically included on Annual Multi-trip Premier and Premier Plus; additional premium required for Single Trip Premier and Premier Plus) – provides additional cover for missed embarkation following delay in travel, cancellation of a scheduled port visit following a change in cruise itinerary due to adverse weather or a change in timetable, cabin confinement following your illness, the hire or purchase of formal cruise attire should your baggage be delayed over 8 hours, additional emergency medical assistance and expenses including ship to shore repatriation where medically necessary, and unused shore excursions due to being confined to bed.
  • Business cover (available as an option with Premier and Premier Plus at an additional premium) – provides cover whilst travelling for your business or occupation. Includes hire or purchase of business equipment should yours be lost, stolen or delayed, and replacement staff cover in the event of your illness.
  • Emergency cattery/kennel costs – cover for emergency boarding expenses for your cat or dog up to £500 if your return home is delayed because of your illness or injury.
  • 24 hour medical emergency assistance – experienced multi-lingual coordinators and medical specialists are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They will guarantee your medical costs where required, liaise with the treating doctor and arrange repatriation if medically necessary.

Do you have an existing Medical Condition(s)?

An online medical screening service is available for travellers who have an existing medical condition. In some cases an additional premium may be required. Alternatively, please call us on 02392 419 044. We are open Monday to Friday 8am – 6pm, closed Bank Holidays.

Are you participating in any Activities?

Over 100 activities are automatically covered under Travel Plus with Activity Pack 1. Additional activities (Activity Packs 2 – 4) may be covered on payment of an additional premium. Click Here for further details.

*subject to having the permission of their parent and/or guardian and be accompanied by a responsible adult. Please note; we cannot cover unaccompanied children.

** Annual Multi-trip Premier Plus provides Winter Sports cover for up to a maximum of 45 days during the policy period. Annual Multi-trip Premier provides Winter Sports cover up to a maximum of 21 days during the policy period.