Travel Plus


Schedule of Benefits - Single Trip & Annual Multi-trip

The following tables are for illustrative and comparative purposes only. Each row shows the maximum cover in that but note that terms & conditions apply. For the full schedule of benefits, please refer to the full insurance policy

Cover Section Essential Premier Premier Plus
Excess £100 £75 £50
Emergency Medical Assistance & Expenses £5m £10m £10m
Personal Accident - Death £5,000 £10,000 £30,000
Baggage £750 £2,000 £3,000
Travel Delay, Missed Documents & Missed Connection No Cover £100 £500
Passport, Documents or Driving Licence £100 £300 £500
Personal Money £300 £750 £1,500
Personal Liability £2m £2m £2m
Legal Expenses** No Cover £25,000 £50,000
Baggage Delay (after 8 hours delay) £150 £150 £500
Cancellation £750 £5000 £10,000

Single Trip (ST) & Annual Multi-trip (AMT) Winter Sports Cover Benefits

Winter Sports cover is automatically included on Annual Multi-trip Premier and Premier Plus providing cover up to a maximum of 21 days (Premier) and up to a maximum of 45 days (Premier Plus) during the policy period.

Cover per person/per event Essential Premier Premier Plus
Winter Sports Cover*** No Cover Optional (ST)
Included (AMT)
Optional (ST)
Included (AMT)
Winter sports equipment own £500 £1,000
Winter sports equipment hired £150 £300
Piste closure (not UK) £250
(£25 each 24 hrs)
(£50 each 24 hrs)
Delay due to avalanche £200 £400
Winter sports activity and ski pack £250 £500
Delayed winter sports equipment
(after 8 hrs delay)
£100 £200

Single Trip (ST) & Annual Multi-trip (AMT) Cruise Cover Benefits

Our dedicated cruise cover provides additional cover 

Cover per person/per event Essential Premier Premier Plus
Cruise Cover *** No Cover Optional (ST)
Included (AMT)
Optional (ST)
Included (AMT)
Missed embarkation cover £750 £1,500
Formal cruise attire & delay
(over 8 hrs)
£1,500 / £250 £2,500 / £500
Cruise itinerary changes £500
(£50 each missed port)
(£100 each missed port)
Additional emergency medical assistance & expenses - ship to shore repat £100,000 £100,000
Cabin confinement £500
(£50 each 24 hrs)
(£100 each 24 hrs)
Used excursions £250 £500

Single Trip (ST) & Annual Multi-trip (AMT) Business Cover Benefits

Provides cover while travelling for your business or occupation. Includes hire or purchase of business equipment should yours be lost, stolen or delayed and replacement staff cover in the event of your illness.

Cover per person/per event Essential Premier Premier Plus
Business Cover No Cover Optional Optional
Business equipment
- Business samples limit
- Pair or set limit
Essential item replacement & hire
(after 8 hours delay)
£250 £250
Courier replacement costs £250 £250
Business money £1,000 £1,000
Employee replacement £1,000 £1,000

* Excess
– The excess as shown above, will apply to sections 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 17.
– Where cover is included or taken as an option, the excess will also apply to sections 14, 15 and 16.
– For loss of deposit claims a reduced excess will apply to section 4: £25 Essential cover, £15 Premier or Premier Plus cover.
– Section 17: Gadget cover the excess for Premier cover is reduced to £50.
– Excess waiver: if you have paid the additional premium for the excess waiver, the excess would be reduced to Nil in the event of a claim (other than sections 17).

Note: any excess imposed by us following your call to our Medical Screening Service will apply (other than sections 17).
– Voluntary excess: if you have opted for a discounted premium in favour of a voluntary excess, all excesses (other than sections 17) will be increased to £250.
There is no voluntary excess option available if you have purchased Essential cover.

** Legal Expenses – Not more than £50,000 Premier cover or £100,000 Premier Plus cover, in total for all persons insured on this policy.

*** Winter Sports & Cruise covers – Annual Multi-trip (AMT) policy cover is automatically included. Single Trip (ST) policy additional premium must be paid and shown on your policy schedule.